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The Game of Chance is an alluring one. Every moment we live, the house stacks the deck against us, until eventually the odds become so great that we lose and are forced to cash out to the eternal banker.

Living outside of and working in Atlantic City, I see people flirting with chance everyday. The majority do it for entertainment, they know they are going to lose and are just there for the sights, sounds, drinks, fun, and illusion of being some big shot. if they win a little, it is just a bonus. A few though, are out to make it “big”, Those are the ones that have the most to lose.

When my Sprite came to me, she had the unfortunate name of “black jack”. According to old George, she was named after his standard poodle. While a cute story, the other meaning of the name would never work in the shadow of the Atlantic City Skyline.

it was a friend who suggested the name “flirt” as the Sea Sprite 23 is such a perky looking little boat, one that wants to take you “out there” and show you a good time, that she was definitely a “flirt” and so the name stuck.

and so Sea Sprite 23 number 110 was renamed as she began to be reborn

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A long time sailor who has been away from the water for too long, I am working hard to bring an old and abused boat back to life. When not working on my boat, I can often be found working as a Stage Hand in Atlantic City or just out and about on my Mountain Bike. I really come off as a quiet and boring person when people first meet me.

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