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Anybody who has ever worked aboard with Epoxy knows the feeling of warming and hardening epoxy making it’s way down onto your body where it shouldn’t go. If you are lucky, it just gets on your arms and clothes. If you are unlucky… well…

Working on Flirt’s fore hatch surround today, I found out first hand that epoxy burns when it gets in your eye. Not an eye searing, tear up, and unable to see, burn.. but a slow burn that no amount of rubbing can make go away. Thankfully no damage to my eye or sight, but, excuse the pun, it was an eye opener.

The other part of Epoxia is when you realize there is more epoxy on you than on the boat. No matter how thick I make it, some always winds up falling on me when I am working overhead. I think I need to figure out a way to flip Flirt upside down.

Seriously, while Flirt comes along nicely, the toll on my clothes has been great. I have thrown away two pairs of shoelaces after I had to cut them off to get my feet out of my boots, many many tee shirts, and three pairs of jeans that got too rigid to wear.


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A long time sailor who has been away from the water for too long, I am working hard to bring an old and abused boat back to life. When not working on my boat, I can often be found working as a Stage Hand in Atlantic City or just out and about on my Mountain Bike. I really come off as a quiet and boring person when people first meet me.

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  1. I rarely *don’t* make a mess with it. However, I have almost learned to wear disposable gloves consistently, and I find that the more I plan and prepare for my project – getting everything set up and all the steps the through – I make less of a mess. I’ve ruined much clothing as well. You can get uncured epoxy out of clothing with white vinegar. That’s the solvent I always use now. Much easier on your hands than acetone too.

    I like your term “epoxia”.

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